Client Understandings, Services & Fees

Van Liew contracts with one financially qualified client only until that client's confidential, contractual assignment has been completed in its entirety. The client, through the confidential contract (which includes among other things all the terms and conditions of the assignment), authorizes Van Liew to effectuate the specified assignment (in Van Liew's name) to that assignment's completion date.

Within the confidential contractual agreement will be, among other things, the client's confidential, personal guarantee assuring Van Liew that the entire cost (all cash - no debt) of the assignment will be paid (transparently to the client and Van Liew only) through Van Liew, to the completion date of the assignment.

Upon execution of all of the confidential contractual understandings, the client will pay to Van Liew a deposit in the amount of $1,500,000, which deposit shall be a "draw" against the various fees to be charged by, or paid to Van Liew (as discussed below) to the completion date of the assignment.