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About us

Van Liew Partial Development Portfolio


Jeffere F. Van Liew is the founder and sole shareholder of Van Liew Real Estate Advisors.  Throughout this web site Jeff and Van Liew Real Estate Advisors are referred to jointly as “Van Liew”.

For over thirty-five years Jeff, as a principal, has developed, managed, leased, financed, syndicated, owned, and/or sold over 10 million square feet of income producing commercial and residential properties, and thousands of scenic retreat acres with their related water, mineral, oil, and gas rights, when applicable, nationwide.  These varied and wide-ranging projects had aggregate values in excess $3 billion.

Van Liew Real Estate Advisors, Inc. is a New York State Sub-Chapter S corporation, and Van Liew manages its operations as a “Virtual” organization.

Van Liew’s business plan encompasses construction management, real estate investment and real estate financial services through Van Liew Real State Advisors, Inc, and the location of appropriate scenic retreat acreage suitable for the development of secure retreat compounds and/or secure recreational, multiple unit, residential developments for its clients and/or partners, all as discussed within this Website.