Secure Residential Retreat Compound Development


An architecturally designed and engineered (go to: retreat compound is a ten acre +/- area located on a strategic and prominent portion of the parcel of land being purchased by the client and/or partner.  That ten +- acres is surrounded by a ten foot high security fence with two security gate access points.  The entire perimeter of the fence and the security gates are monitored by remote security cameras.  Those at the security gates have two way voice capabilities.  The primary purpose of the security fence and gate system is to insure the safety of those within the secured compound from wild animals and un-invited guests.

The size of each compound may be any size the client and/or partner desire.  The size of each compound is dependant on the size of the parcel of land being purchased (the size of land parcels may vary from fifty acres up to thousands of acres – again, based on the desires of the client and/or partner).  Another factor influencing the size of each compound is the number of improvements and land features the client and/or partner wish to include within the confines of the security fence.

Van Liew can assist each client and/or partner in staffing each compound with on site security guards, with trained dogs, to police the perimeter of the compounds on a scheduled basis.  The magnitude of security is to be determined by the client and/or partner.  A helipad will be located near the main residence/lodge.  In-ground re-fueling systems will be included in the development specifications. 

An architectural sample of a ten acre compound (designed for a specific ridge line in the Adirondack Park in upper New York State) may be seen below.

Sample floor/Site plans images