Recreational Multiple Unit Residential Development


An architecturally designed (go to: Recreational, Multiple Unit, Residential Program is a secure condominium development located in a quasi remote, scenic area of the United States where various recreational opportunities abound.  Such recreational opportunities could be lakes for boating and swimming, streams for fly fishing, areas for cross country skiing, game in abundance for in-season permitted hunting, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and rapids rafting, to name just a few.

The entire development will be within a security fence perimeter with multiple guarded security gate ingress and egress points.  Each condominium shall have voice contact with each guard station.  Security cameras (monitored in the guard houses) shall be located throughout the development.

Each development shall include recreational common areas including, but not limited to club house, pool house, boat house, weight room, jogging tract, pool, tennis courts, pitch and put course, and card rooms.  All developments will have a heliport and/or private airstrip.  An example of such a development planned by Van Liew on a lake in the Adirondack Park may be seen below.

Sample floor/Site plans images